Polyflex - Esquisse
Polyflex - Esquisse
Polyflex - Sketch

Polyflex - Sketch

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Polyflex cheese paper is definitely one of our most versatile papers.

It's the perfect wrapping solution both for commercial or domestic use. Polyflex allows air exchange and longer shelf life.

Thanks to its interior coating, you can now keep aromas where they are meant to be.

Each package contains 1000 sheets.

Why Specialty Cheese Paper?

Improve shelf live, value and promote your expertise with a straightforward solution

controle de l'humidité

Moisture Control

Specialty cheese paper allows an exchange of oxygen but prevents moisture from escaping. Thanks to a thin sheet of porous plastic on the inside, the paper wicks away any condensation that might build up on the cheese surface.


Leave an impression

Create a strong impact on your customers while offering a premium experience and showcase your extensive knowledge and fabulous cheeses.


Paper Concierge

The five stars experience

Do what you do best, and let us handle the rest.

Let us keep an eye on your paper reserve. We'll notify you when you should restock. No obligation. No strings attached. Only good old premium customer service.

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