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Here are a few cheese aficionados that are working with us at Fromagex

fromagerie bergeron

Fromagerie Bergeron

"Everything is done to ensure the continuity of the development of Fromagerie Bergeron by the family succession. When the cheese is on the shelves, we are committed that it is as beautiful as it is good!"

fromagerie du prèsbytère

Fromagerie du Prèsbytère

"We are and will remain artisans. We always take the same care in preparing each batch of cheeses, we will never make any concessions on the quality and authenticity of our artisanal cheeses."

fromagerie la station

Fromagerie La Station

"Above everything, we strive to constantly improve our cheeses, working in a sustainable way and ensure organic production (which is better for the soil). We make people happy without being pushed around."

quality cheese

Quality Cheese

"We fundamentally believe that our passion adds joy to your lives. We use the freshest milk and ingredients for our brands Bella Casara and Albert’s Leap, we pay attention to every detail, our passion allows us to make great cheese."

au gré des champs

Au Gré des Champs

"Our cheeses are made at the farm, we make them with the milk from our cows. They are all made from raw milk. We make several cheeses with distinct appearance, texture and taste."

laiterie charlevoix

Laiterie Charlevoix

"The milk from Canadian cows offers a better cheese yield than the milks commonly used in the industry and allows us to produce a very typical cheese, the 1608."

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