Couteau à Parmesan
Couteau à Parmesan
Couteau à Parmesan
Couteau à Parmesan

Parmesan Cheese Knife

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The Boska Holland Parmesan Knife is both robust and durable. It has a powerful blade and a sharp point, which makes piercing and splitting hard cheeses a piece of cake. You can immediately get cracking with this compact knife!

Versatile cheese knife

You can use this special knife from Boska Holland's assortment in two ways: to split the cheese after scoring the rind and to cleave off chunks and pieces of cheese. In short: it's a versatile cheese knife that's always ready for action.

Working together

The sturdy plastic handle and stainless steel blade make this a versatile knife that will stand by your side as your buddy for many years to come. Have fun working together!

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