Couteau à fromage hollandais
Couteau à fromage hollandais
Couteau à fromage hollandais
Couteau à fromage hollandais bois

Dutch Cheese Knife

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You can cut through both soft and hard kinds of cheese with ease with the Dutch Cheese Knife. However, you can also use it to take on other large food products. You'll be cutting safely, easily, and efficiently thanks to its unique shape and the handles on both sides.

Minimal cutting waste

Are you a food service entrepreneur or a cheese professional? You'll have minimal cutting waste and a minimal force required to cut, guaranteed, thanks to the curved blade. This enables you to cut cheeses down to size with a simple rocking motion. It's efficient - exactly what entrepreneurs want to hear!

Versatile cutting champion

With the Dutch Cheese Knife, you're getting a versatile cutting champion for your kitchen. From now on, you'll be cutting large food products with ease. Due to the cheese knife's length and the curved blade, you can even take on larger products.

Quality for cheese professionals

The cheese knife is made of one piece of durable stainless steel. The knife is dishwasher safe, but it's better to wash it by hand. That preserves its quality for much longer.

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