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Matrix Mono

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Matrix is a high-performance, paraffin-free, and eco-friendly paper-based cheese paper designed to increase the lifespan of your cheeses and reduce your ecological footprint.
This premium cheese paper increases moisture exchange to guarantee the consistency of taste and texture throughout the product lifecycle, resulting in extended shelf life and delivering the right taste to consumers.
Sold by 1000 sheets.


  • Responsibly-sourced materials;
  • Paraffin-free coating layer in contact with cheese;
  • Improved moisture exchange ensures consistent taste throughout the product lifecycle.


  • Product Freshness and shelf-life extension;
  • Cost Savings - Reduction of cheese weight loss;
  • Easy to Run - Keep the shape of your cheese
  • More Sustainable - Extended storage time
  • Product Safety - Enhanced due to the absence of paraffin;
  • Product Appeal - Smoother surface: excellent on-shelf impact.

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